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The district wide contact for Maquoketa Valley Community Schools is
Laurie Kramer
Phone: 563-920-9863
Address: 210 South Street Delhi, IA 52223

Building contacts are listed below.

High School
Lisa Kramer
Address: 210 South St.
City: Delhi
Phone: 563-922-2091
Fax: 563-922-2160


Middle School
Merideth Robinson
Address: 210 South St.
City: Delhi, IA 52223
Phone: 563-922-9422
Fax: 563-922-9502


Delhi Elementary
Dawn Smeins
Address: 210 South St. - Box 186
City: Delhi
Phone: 563-922-9411
Fax: 563-922-9502


Earlville Elementary
Pat Sabers
Address: Stow St.
City: Earlville
Phone: 563-923-3225
Fax: 563-922-2160


Johnston Elementary
Sue Kramer
Address: Culver Rd.
City: Hopkinton, IA 52237
Phone: 563-926-2701
Fax: 563-922-2160